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G’day Johanna, Congratulations on your latest post – it’s the best ever explanation I’ve seen of glycemic load. Thanks.

– C.B.

This is one of the most useful websites on nutrition on the web! Clear, concise, knowledgeable, useful, and attractive! I particularly enjoy the recipes and try them all! I plan to follow this site closely and share the link with others. Keep up the great work!

– M.B.

I still can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the Glycemic Index several years ago!

– K.H.

Hi Johanna, I just returned from a 2 wk trip to Italy and was amazed how easy it was to adhere to the personalized diet you created for me. As a type 2 diabetic, you have changed my life and certainly the way I eat. I can’t believe I even lost more weight while on vacation, Mil Grazie

– E.R.

As always, your recipes amaze me. They are delicious as well as healthy, keeping my weight down and my A1C 5.5. My family is beginning to love many of your recipes as well. At first they were skeptical about “diet food” and now are finding how good it can be. Thank you as always!

– B.C.