All books below were authored or co-authored by Johanna Burani:

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs (2nd Edition)

Lose Weight and Enjoy Optimum Health and Vitality by Eating the Right Carbs 

This is a concise primer on how carbs work in the body. Straightforward advice about the best carb choices for good health, weight loss, glycemic control and sustained energy is presented in a conversational, thoroughly understandable manner. Real-life case studies and no-fuss recipes make switching to a low GI lifestyle a real enticement by the author.

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The New Glucose Revolution Life Plan

Discover How to Make the Glycemic Index the Foundation for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating

This attractively illustrated book demystifies the construction of a foundation — a life plan — for a lifetime of healthy eating. It highlights the benefits of combining low GI carbohydrates with the appropriate protein and fat choices to produce the most enjoyable and effective dietary mindset for healthy eating.

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The New Glucose Revolution Pocket Guide to Losing Weight

This small guide is packed with a clear explanation of why and how low GI meal planning can result in effective and permanent weight loss. Recipes are provided along with helpful tips to control appetite and stave off hunger.

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The New Glucose Revolution Pocket Guide to Diabetes

This small guide explains how to use the concept of the glycemic index to manage diabetes. It affirms that the body requires carbohydrates throughout the day and defines those carbs that help control blood glucose levels. Eight popular myths about diabetes are convincingly dispelled.

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The New Glucose Revolution Complete Guide to Glycemic Index Values

This small guide lists the glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) values for hundreds of foods and beverages. The information is presented in three different ways: alphabetically, by food categories, and by the GI ranking of low/moderate/high. Easy to manipulate, this guide is a handy reference for shopping and meal planning.

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The New Glucose Revolution Pocket Guide to the Top 100 Low-Glycemic Foods

In this small guide, the best 100 low GI foods are presented in alphabetical order. In addition to their “vitals” (GI and GL values, carbohydrate, protein, fat content), their “virtues” (vitamin, mineral, fiber content, ease of preparation) are also addressed. Read this guide cover to cover, or just look under a letter of the alphabet for a specific food to see if it was chosen for this selective list.

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